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Intelligent AP Automation for Better Financial Processes

Remove manual processes, gain visibility, and take control over your financial metrics with Paper Enterprise Solution.

Boost Your AP Team’s Ability in Handling Payment and Suppliers with Centralized Tool

Transform Your Manual Process with Automation

Learn the difference between 
organized and disorganized workflow.


High operational cost

Tied-up working capital

Slow money cycle


Inflexible System Resource

Old-school approval method

Piles of paperwork


Reduce operational cost

Improve money cycle

Healthy cash flow

Minimum Risk of Fraud

Flexible System Resource

Swift Approval Process


A Perfect Solution for AP Team

Paper Enterprise Solution is built to manage any teams related with AP workflow

Manage your company’s expenses and cost more effectively.


Scan document with OCR (RealDocs   )


Reconcile payment with PayTrack


Gain financing access with FinanceSolution


Pay bill with PayPer



AP Automation for SMEs and Suppliers

We are designed to support SMEs and your suppliers' business

with less resources and time needed for system integration.

Fast Integration and Guaranteed Data Security

Go Live in 30 Days

Our open API system ensures transition process will run smoothly for ERP and non-ERP system.

Top Notch Data Security

Your data is secured with bank-grade data encryption and stored in trusted cloud provider.

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How Helps FMCG Producers to Excel in The Market (Bahasa Indonesia)

Learn how helps FMCG Producers validate documents, payments, and ease transaction between all business players.

Bringing The Future of AP Automation Today!

Be in the 'Future of Work' with the intelligent AP Automation, Paper Enterprise Solution

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